An Innocent her

You raped an innocent her and won the game
But now she could not be the same
She plead you to stop but your mind is filled with lust
And finally, you became happy as you completed your thrust.
Every moment she wanna die and in her throat she put a knife
Thinking that now she has no serene life
She was disregard by everybody
Her fault was she was raped by somebody.
Her days has been going dark
and dark Because you have given her a so called ‘Raped girl’ mark
Not a single days has been passed without tear
As you have given her a gift of fear.
Whenever she close her eyes she see your nasty face
Who has taken her inner peace of space
Since time has passed she still feel the rough touches of your hand
And she regret why she was born on this cruel land.
Till the nine month in her mother womb she was safe
But she was born a baby girl that was her unfortunate
Her days are passing with full of sorrow
But she is alive with a hope that she will get a justice tomorrow….

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